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Jerious Norwood, William Moore Should Return To Face 49ers

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Since good news is always welcome, I thought I'd share a couple of tidbits that you might have heard elsewhere already. Both backup RB Jerious Norwood and backup SS William Moore will be returning to the field against the 49ers, barring any freak alien abductions or things of that ilk.

Obviously, both of their returns would come at an excellent time. Michael Turner still hasn't gotten it going in quite the Touchdown Vampire manner we had all hoped for in 2009, and the coaching staff isn't ready to give Jason Snelling too many carries because he's a similar kind of back. Norwood, who is just about as fast and shifty a back as you could dream up, really needs to be given some opportunities to spell Turner and provide a different dimension to the running game. Let's face it, even the best running back in the league can only do so much if he's asked to plunge through the middle of the defensive line 25 times a game.

Speaking of keys to the running game, our good friend "C4" Moore might be just as useful on the other side of the ball. We could really use a push up front to slow the run, but barring that Moore has a reputation as an excellent tackler and someone who has terrific instincts against the run. It might be worth  getting him in there in clear rushing situations and having him cheat up closer to the point of attack and see if he can get the jump on whichever poor, hapless running back we happen to be dealing with at the time. The mere chance that he could help out makes this a welcome option.

What about you guys? Do you expect Norwood or Moore or both to have an immediate impact?