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Comcast Sponsors The Falcoholic

This is a sponsored post. Just so you know.

I, Dave the Falconer, am using this space to announce that this blog now has a sponsor for the season. Our network was approached by Comcast, who is looking to get the word out about Comcast Redzone ( and they knew the best way to reach hardcore NFL fans was through SB Nation blogs, because we rock. Fact of life. Obviously, it's nice to have a sponsor of Comcast's caliber, and since they're offering something I would actually use, so much the better.

We won’t be bombarding you with marketing messages, but we’ll remind you every once in a while about some of the great sports features available from Comcast, like Redzone. For a sixpence at least and a tuppence at most, you'll get the Redzone Channel which shows all the redzone action on NFL Sunday as its happening.

This weekend on Sunday, Oct. 4th, they’ll provide Redzone for free on Comcast from 1-4 PM EST. Unfortunately for us, it's during our bye week. If Thomas DeCoud gets a high score in Tetris, however, you'll be the first to know. Plus, there's the On Demand content from the NFL network including game recaps of every game, every week; draft profiles, player profiles, Matt Ryan's favorite Radiohead song, and the like.

So that's that. Wanted to take a little time to give a shout out to Comcast for agreeing to sponsor us and let you guys know about the Redzone package. In the future, we'll wrap in some discussion of the team's redzone work when we bring up Comcast, so you're forewarned.