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A Shot of Falcohol

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So we lost. Look up. Is the sky falling? Nope. Does our team have problems? Yup. Can they fix them? I have no doubt that they can. They've got a whole extra week to fix them too and ya know what? With this organization, it'll get done. The theme of the conversation over at the official site is "lessons learned" and by golly, Mike Smith and our beloved Comrade will make sure those lessons are reiterated every waking moment of every single day at the Branch.

Those of you who were with us last year will remember I used to have a penchant for stealing thread topics (and dignity) with photoshopped images and custom artwork. While my role here at the site has grown beyond that sort of tomfoolery, my desire to create this fluff has yet to abate and I have chosen this moment, after what many have seen as a devastating loss, as the perfect moment to drop some propaganda for you to share amongst yourselves and your non-SBN friends. 

We have to trust our team from the top down, and you don't get any closer to the top than GM. Boy, do we have a good one. Thomas "Comrade" Dimitroff is a wunderkind, as savvy a football man as there ever was, and if anyone knows their personnel better than Comrade, they're likely named Bill and wear sleeveless hoodies. So, with all that in mind, I kindly remind you that here at the Falcoholic,


The red and black paint on our season is still fresh and fumey, so put away the nooses, pore over some stats, and take a big sip of