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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Planning For The Patriots

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Been a minute or two since I last threw one of these discussions out before you, a diabolical puzzle which only the reader can solve, in the hopes of avoiding any actual work and analysis. You're very welcome.

Today we'll be discussing how the Falcons can effectively gameplan to take down the Patriots, easily our greatest challenge of the young season. This is a team with a likely future Hall of Fame quarterback, one of the most arrogant apparent geniuses in the league at coach and a couple of the better receivers in the NFL. Their pass rush ain't too shabby, either.

The Falcons should catch a break, because if perennial catch machine Wes Welker plays at all, it will likely be sparingly. He's coming off an injury. The bad news is that the Falcons have to stop the Tom Brady to Randy Moss connection or it's going to be a very long day. If I were in charge of this team—and you should all be eternally grateful that Mike Smith is and not me—I'd pressure Brady, give Chris Houston help over the top against Moss and bump Welker/Julian Edelman at the line early and often. If anyone's going to beat us, it's going to be the five-headed hydra of mediocrity at running back, not the passing game.

Weigh in, if you would.