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Report: Peria Jerry Out For The Year With A Knee Injury

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Bad news, everyone. Peria Jerry is out for the year.

This news comes from ESPN's Adam Schefter, the only reporter from that particular organization that I'd trust with my life. It's a huge blow to the Falcons' front line, as Jerry was playing very well against the run and is clearly better as a pass rusher than either Trey Lewis or Thomas Johnson, who will likely be rotating into his spot. Expect Vance Walker to be re-signed to the team immediately to take his spot, unless the Falcons would like a more veteran presence. Here's hoping Jerry's healthy as fast as possible and that the team is able to cobble together a potent defense without him.

Damn, this really stinks. React?

UPDATE: Another Twitter report indicates that the Falcons have just re-signed Vance Walker to the team. Called that one. He may have value for us sooner than later.