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Post Game Thread: Falcons Eke Out 28-20 Win Over Panthers

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What a nail-biter.

Games against divisional rivals are some of the toughest for fans. I can't stand losing a winnable game, and there was the outside chance that we might do just that for pretty much the entire game thanks to an average defensive effort and the occasional weird play call. In the end, however, the Falcons' truly incredible offense and some timely plays by the D (thank you, Chris Houston!) brought us to victory. Great, great game.

Consider this the post-game thread for the game, so feel free to talk here about anything you saw. We'll have the more official recap and tlozwarlock's always excellent observations tomorrow.

A couple of things to consider:

  • It's amazing how quickly players can win our hearts. Chris Houston has been in the fanbase's collective basement for months and months now, but one interception and a nice tackle erased all of that. Welcome to popularity, Chris!
  • Matt Ryan looked great again, with the exception of an early game pick. You cannot overstate how much Tony Gonzalez has done for this offense, even if he's hurting the numbers of Roddy White and Michael Jenkins somewhat. We have a great suite of weapons.
  • Michael Turner did more grinding on the ground this game than a high school dance. He still hasn't had a breakaway game, but he got it done when needed. The fumble concerned me a little.
  • Welcome back, Jason much as you can be welcomed back when you don't kick any field goals.
  • Woo!