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Five Questions With Right Off Russell

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I was recently contacted by Sadler over at Right Off Russell, a Baltimore sports blog, wondering if I would like to trade five questions before the upcoming Baltimore Ravens game. With our good friend Bruce Raffel already answering our questions in the Baltimore Beatdown FanPost, it seemed like a good way to get more information on our erstwhile opponents.

Join me after the jump for five of the most inspid inspiring questions ever asked of another football fan.

Dave the Falconer: Ray Rice looks like the featured back in Baltimore, but I understand he's going to share carries with Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain. What are your expectations for numbers for those backs?

SADLER: With the line that is in place and a "veteran" QB, people are predicting a strong year once again from the Ravens backfield. Last year the Ravens totaled 2,400 yards in rushing. I would expect similar numbers this year with the Rice getting the 1000+ yds, McGahee and McClain each getting around 600+. What I can't figure out is who is going to get the ball in goaline situations.

DTF: Will Joe Flacco take a big step forward this year after a stellar rookie campaign, or should we expect to see some second year struggles?

S: Things were looking rough in the beginning of training camp, but that may have been nerves or trying to adjust to an expanded playbook. I think/hope what we saw out of Flacco on Saturday vs Carolina, is the QB we will see all season. It was impressive. (23/28, 247 yds, 1 TD, 115.3 RTG). He has all the tools: decent receivers, good line and a strong running attack. Don't expect Brady or Manning numbers because this team isn't built like that. I am thinking Flacco can have more of a Roethlisberger type career.

DTF: The defense has long been a vaunted part of your team for a long time. What does the defense bring to the table this year?

S: The defense brings some new life in linebacker. Tavares Gooden takes over for the departed Bart Scott and has shown some nice speed and agility. The Defensive Line led by Haloti Ngata and is the strength of the unit. Dawan Landry and Ed Reed should be able to protect well from the safety position. I think the biggest concern is at CB. They have 2 speedy cover guys but not that one shut down back.

DTF: To jump off of that, what are your expectations for former Falcons cornerback Domonique Foxworth?

S: Foxy has shown some good stuff this training camp. I was reading just the other day at the noted improvement in his game. That being said, he has to be solid but not spectacular this season. The playmakers for this team are at other positions so he just needs to do his job and things will go alright.

DTF: And last but not least, what record are you projected for your beloved Ravens?

S: This is a tough schedule for the Ravens this year. They have to play the Steelers, Vikings, and Pats on the road. They have Chicago, Indy and Pittsburgh at home. Assuming they take 2 out those 6 and manage to only lose one bad game, I think they finish the season 11-5 with a wild card berth.