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Falcons Sign CB William Middleton To Practice Squad

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William Middleton's odd journey brought him right back around to where he started.

On the same day when the Falcons announced they were re-signing running back Verron Haynes, they also cut cornerback Glenn Sharpe from the practice squad and brought back Middleton. As someone who firmly believes Middleton has all the tools to be a future locker room leader and valuable addition to the cornerbacking corps, I'm somewhere between "hooray!" and "why didn't you just sign the guy in the first place?"Middleton, if you'll recall, was cut by the Falcons after a quiet rookie pre-season, signed by the Tampa Bay Bucs and let go again shortly after.

This is more good news for our corner depth, which with Sunday's quality play suddenly looks very good. Given the fact that guys like Keith Zinger and Eric Weems have carved out roster spots following stints on the practice squad, I'm excited to see what Middleton can do in the future. Because it would mean an injury, however, I'm hoping this is the last we hear of him in 2009.

Your thoughts?