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Post Game Thread: Falcons Hang On Against Dolphins 19-7

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There is absolutely nothing quite like starting the season off with a win.

The Falcons compensated for a middling game out of Michael Turner with a balanced passing attack and a very complete defensive effort from the defense. We'll do a more fleshed out recap later, but this is the space to discuss all things Falcons and the still warm glow of the win.

A couple of observations for you to chew over, though:

  • Matt Ryan spread the ball around well, but it's clear that there's the top three options, throws to running backs out of the backfield and not much else. Brian Finneran, Marty Booker and Eric Weems aren't going to see the field much.
  • Kroy Biermann is making a case to start, or at least play extensive snaps. He joined John Abraham in piling up a pair of sacks, and our run defense and pass rush looks leaps and bounds better than last year.
  • I hope Peria Jerry's okay after leaving the game. We're going to need him.
  • Curtis Lofton is so great. He's so great that he went back in time, punched Alexander the Great in the face and stole his title. What a badass.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!