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Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins Open Thread

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Time to kick off a season watching a team with vast potential. Sounds like a good time to me.

Obviously, I strongly encourage all of you to obsess over every single play and offer your analysis as the game runs, and I hope you'll take advantage of that. As usual, I'll be working, but with a little luck I'll be able to catch most of the game and chat with all of you. Here's hoping for a great game, though I'd settle for the Falcons absolutely blowing the Dolphins out of the water.

Come along with me as we break it down, won't you?

Who? Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m. EST

Where? Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Weather? There's no weather in a dome, dum-dum.

Fun Fact? This is the first game of the 2009 season. That is awesome and fun. And also a fact. There you go.

Injuries? William Moore is the only guy who is certainly out, so we won't get any chances to see him blow up runners this week. Alas. Everyone else is probable, including John Abraham and Jerious Norwood, and I expect everybody will play. The Dolphins listed Vontae Davis as probable, so we'll likely see the talented young cornerback out there today. I'm less thrilled with that.

Odds? Atlanta over Miami 4.0, O/U 43.5

Foe? Friendly neighborhood Dolphins blogger Matty I will have everything you need at The Phinsider. Visit, because it'll be worth a read, but please be as respectful as always if you wade into the game thread.

GO FALCONS! Let's sink these Dolphins!