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Busy Falcons News Afternoon

The Good: The Falcons have signed Robert Ferguson to a one year contract. Hopefully we'll get some form of use out of him. Thanks to user Pregame with Pabst for the link and heads up. 

The Bad: William Moore is gone for up to four weeks. While it's nice that it's only four weeks and not the season, this will likely keep Moore out of the starting lineup until at least October. Thanks to MentallyMIA for the heads up.

I know little about Ferguson besides what orang3b has been able to tell us.

[Ferguson o]nly had 3 receptions last year in Minny, and was buried on the depth chart (he only played in one game after their bye week). Whether that was injury or ineffectiveness, I do not know. 2007 he had 32 receptions, though. I certainly think he has more of a chance to contribute than Marvin Harrison, for instance…


He’s definitely just "a guy". The last (and only) time he was good was 2003. Since then his DVOA (value over average) has been negative, and his Catch Rate right around 50%.

As for Moore, him missing up to a month will hurt his chances of getting an early start this season. I personally felt, even after just seeing him during minicamp, that he was primed to start from day one. Still, I think DeCoud will make a fine starting safety.

What a day, what a day...