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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: So, What Now?

Disaster has, it seems, struck the Falcons only a few short days into training camp. Yesterday afternoon, Harry Douglas fell to the ground and did not get back up. Even when helped to his feet by a teammate, it is reported that HD fell back down. That alone made my heart sink, for I knew then it was a serious, possibly season ending injury. Rumors then surfaced via ESPN Analyst Adam Schefter's (@Adam_Schefter) Twitter account that HD is gone for the entire season with a torn ACL. While that rumor has yet to be confirmed, I think Harry's inability to leave the practice field on his own two legs should be evidence enough that we've lost what we all expected to be a key player in this season's receiving and returning corps.

It's definitely not time to break out the black arm bands and begin bemoaning this season a lost cause. I am not, however, about to kid myself that everything is just peachy keen. White continues his holdout for a new contract. I applaud his efforts to get a larger paycheck, but not having him at training camp is disheartening. I'd rather see him preparing for the season than fighting over more money .

With both White and a promising Harry Douglas missing camp, who do the Falcons turn to now? The Atlanta Falcons organization as a whole seems high with an apparently rejuvenated (and bionic-kneed) Brian Finneran. Finn will certainly see a lot more first team drills in the next few days. Michael Jenkins, key ingredient to our last second win over Chicago last year, will also likely be lining up in a different spot in the coming weeks.

Finn and Jenkins give us two solid, experienced receivers for Matty Ice to throw to in camp, but who'll be waiting in the wings for their shots at glory? As reported yesterday, we've let go of WR Dicky Lyons within twenty-four hours of signing him. Aaron Kelly, Eric Weems, Troy Bergeron, Chandler Williams, Darren Moughey, and Bradon Godfrey will all be fighting for a chance to see a first team route or two now that HD is (likely) down. Weems saw a tiny bit of action last year, so that gives him a bit of a feather in his helmet, so to speak.

The question remains: What now? Do we pray for an epiphany with a rookie or peruse the FA market and take a risk on a proven, but one-and-done veteran? Does this loss mean that Tony G will inevitably see more receptions than previously expected? What say you, dear readers?