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The Falcoholic Fantasy Football League Is In Business

Yes, the promised day has arrived at last! Praise the gods of fantasy football!

Just like last year, we'll be putting together a league in FleaFlicker. Last year's champ was Blue Falcon, who endured a league where half the teams fell off the pace at some point during the season. This year, we'll be looking for ten dedicated teams (myself and the returning champ already included, if he's interested) to come in and make this league as competitive as possible. If you're looking for the chance to embarrass your fellow Falcoholics and well-known debonair blogger Dave the Falconer, this is the league for you. There's also the possibility of some (smallish) cash prize involved here, so be sure to factor that in.

The only fair way to do this in my mind is to draw names from a hat, so please shoot me an e-mail or comment directly on this post to indicate your interest before the weekend. The ten teams I draw will receive e-mails with the league password within a week, and all involved can then prepare for the draft. I call dibs on Matt Ryan!

Go to it! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know ASAP.


UPDATE: tlozwarlock will be heading up a second Flea Flicker league, so we'll have enough room for 24 teams in total. Please indicate your interest and if you have a preference on which league you end up in, so that I can weigh that as a selection factor.