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A Public Service Announcement Regarding Commenting



Say, champ! Thought I'd have a sit and yammer about this new "commenting" thing with you. I hear it's real swell!

What's commenting, you say, as you edge for the door? Well, that's real simple, friend! If you sign up for an account right here, your whole life will change for the better! You'll be able to join the discussion at any post on The Falcoholic. That's quite the humdinger!

In addition, you'll be able to recommend the valuable work of your fellow commenters, who are working for their own individual good. Why, just imagine if we all worked together for the common good! We'd be pinko Commie scum! But by clicking on any comment under the actions tab located below, you can hit the rec button and draw attention to the fine work of Joe Patriot or Jane America. And if someone's saying something terrible about Old Ike Eisenhower, why, you can pop him right between the teeth with the flag button. It's what Uncle Sam wants!

If you've got some thoughts of your own that won't violate the image of our fine country abroad, then you can also create your own FanPosts or FanShots. FanShots are best used for snippets of news, while a FanPost are for when you really need to vent that spleen or cite some "statistics," which I understand are quite a bit like Bible passages with more numbers! That sounds like a real whimsical time!

Those with questions should fire up their wamdoozle machines and fire off a flimflazze to your fine host at If he's not spying on his Russian neighbors with a high-powered telescope, he'll send you back a red, white and blue missive in a timely fashion. Remember: Only you can prevent boring comments!