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The Game's Afoot: ATL vs SD

We are a mere two days away from the first Dome field game of this football season. Since I'll be in the stands for this one, cheering on with thousands of other chipper Falcons fans, I thought it prudent to ask how many of you will be joining me in the comfortable, red, black, and be-cupholdered seats at 1 Georgia Dome Drive this weekend. I'd like to meet some of you, if you're game. If you're coming, leave some details in the comments (section/seats/parking lot) and we'll see if we can't get a meet-up going.

I know a lot of you are "Following the Falcons" on Twitter, but for the uninitiated, here's some cool info on the game.

  • Attending fans will be given the magnetized 2009 Season Schedule at the gates.
  • Flowery Branch High School student Alexis Hart will sing the National Anthem.
  • During the 1st-to-2nd Quarter TV Break, tons of plush Chik-Fil-A cows are going to be parachuting into the Dome stands.
  • During half-time, two Georgia high school teams will play a quarter of football.
  • The Falcons get their first look of the season at a 3-4 defense with the Chargers.
  • The 1st team offense and defense will likely play through to the half.
  • CBS will be broadcasting this game nationally, so those of you who can't make it and are out of WXIA 11 Alive's viewing area can see it on your local CBS affiliate.
  • Of course, Wes and Arch will be calling the game for the many affiliates of the Falcons Radio Network. My suggestion: mute your TV and blast Durham. He's the best voice in the biz and makes all the TV guys seem inadequate.
Much more info is available at the official site's game page.