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Nominate the Greatest Falcons Secondary of All Time

It's that time again, Falcoholics. As the regular season approaches, it's time to finish up our greatest team voting! This week, we nominate and vote on the greatest Falcons secondary players of all time.

ProFootballReference has the following top 5 players in Career INTs:


  1. Rolland Lawrence - 39
  2. Ray Brown - 31
  3. Scott Case - 30
  4. Ray Buchanan - 30
  5. Ken Reaves - 29
Of course, INTs alone will not define this greatest secondary. For instance, I pick Scott Case as my top. Why? 30 INTs, 1 DEF TD, 7.5 SACKS, 946 TKLS in 11 years as a Falcon. That's win, right there.

So the game is: nominate some CBs and S's. Go. Do it now.