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Falcons' Throwback Uniforms Revealed!

Old school threads, new school 'tude. The hunt is on! (Jimmy Cribb/

The Falcons New Media team has graciously allowed us to help reveal the throwback uniforms to be worn during a home game this season. The full-blown reveal is happening right now over at the official site. Click here to join the festivities, which include videos, photos, and some historical perspective. Also available now are six player throwback jerseys, those classic red helmets, hats, tshirts, and more at the official Falcons store.

Personally, I believe it's refreshing to see such iconic threads making their return to the gridiron. I've always been a fan of the red helmets and, though the old logo looks a bit dated compared to our new, fiercer Falcon, the sight of it gives me all sorts of warm and fuzzies. These are the uniforms the inaugural team wore and though they went 3-11, they started something magical that season: Falcons football. We all have fond memories of our Birds and seeing these uniforms just helps bring them to the surface. This season is destined to be magical and these throwback unis are the perfect way to connect the far flung past and bright future of our beloved Atlanta Falcons.

Update: The throwback uniforms will replace the Black/Black rival alternate uniforms for the game against Carolina on September 20th and the Tampa Bay game on November 29th.