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tlozwarlock is Giving Stuff Away Again: Preseason Tix!



Afternoon, gang. I've got two tickets that need to find a good home. Our contest against the Ravens in three weeks is on a Thursday night and being the employed person that I am, I cannot attend. Having no success finding any locals here in Alabama to take advantage of some free tix, I'm going to be giving them away. I've decided to have a raffle for them just as I did the autograph tickets to Roam the Dome. 

Game Information:

  • Opponent - Baltimore Ravens
  • Date - Thursday September 3rd, 2009
  • Time - 7:30pm
  • Where - Section 326, Row 21, Seats 2 & 3, Falcons Bench side, Georgia Dome

Rules and info:

  • You may only enter the raffle if you can attend the game
  • Entrants must be members of The Falcoholic with at least two weeks of activity and at least 25 comments with the site. Those joining today are not eligible. I am applying these restrictions so that active, contributing members of the community will be rewarded.
  • Two winners will be chosen, each receiving one (1) ticket.
  • To enter, email me with your Sports Blog Nation Username, Real Name, Address, Phone Number, and Alternate email address. Winners will be notified by phone. If winner(s) cannot be contacted within two days, alternate winner(s) will be chosen.
  • Tickets will be forwarded to winners' email accounts through Ticketmaster.
  • Winners will be expected to conduct themselves according to the Falcons' Fan Code of Conduct. These tickets are directly tied to my account and winners are considered my guests. I am therefore responsible for winners' actions; thus, if winners act unruly, I could have my season ticket account revoked. By entering the raffle, contestants agree that they will behave according to the team's conduct rules for fans and that, in the event my account is voided due to improper fan conduct, they are monetarily responsible for the remaining tickets I lose. Bottom line: behave yourself!
  • The deadline to enter is this Sunday, August 23rd at 11am EDT. Winners will be notified that evening. Winners will have until Tuesday, August 25th to be reached. On August 26th, alternate winners, if needed, will be notified.