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Falcoholic Fantasy Football Leagues Are A Go!

After performing the dark rites necessary to determine who would be in The Falcoholic's fantasy leagues this year, I return to you with a list of names and a mind haunted by unanswerable questions.

As you know, I'll be running The Falcoholic Redux, a re-imagining of last year's league, where Chandler12 grabbed best record and Blue Falcon won the whole thing. As a six-year veteran of fantasy football leagues, I feel confident that I can get my butt kicked up and down the standings by the lot of you. There's a good mix of familiar faces and neophytes here, and I'm looking forward to the season.

The second league, The tlozwarlock Special, will be run by my esteemed co-blogger and organizer of all things organized. Due to the random drawing, his league will be stocked with many names that will be familiar to those of you who have been here for any length of time. The two champions may be up for prizes, if both of us don't end up flat broke by the end of it.

Without further ado, here's the list:

The Falcoholic Redux

Pregame with Pabst
Bob Kienbaum
armchair quarterback
Born and Bred Falcon
Jeff S
Hardcore Falcon
Blue Falcon (conditionally)
Dave the Falconer

The tlozwarlock Special

Matt Lisle/Get Serious

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Those of you who had interest and didn't make it through the drawing, I apologize and hope you'll try again next year, and I'd encourage you to join one of Jesse28's Yahoo! leagues. I will also be e-mailing the top alternate if Blue Falcon chooses not to do the league or if anyone cannot fulfill their interest in the league before the draft. All of you in the league will receive e-mails from myself or tlozwarlock by the end of the week.

Have fun!

EDIT: Pregame with Pabst has removed himself from the running, so alternate Tybeaux will assume his place. Thanks guys.