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Vote for the Greatest Falcons C of All Time

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As Ms. Zombie Robot just told you, it's time to vote for the greatest Center in all of Falcons' history. Only three candidates were named. Follow the jump for a rundown of the currently nominated offensive linemen. We still need at least two left guards on the list. Otherwise, the two nominated RGs will be auto-inducted and I'll just shift one over to LG.

Candidate Pos Years as a Falcon Pro Bowls 1st Team All Pro
Todd Weiner RT 7 0 0
George Kunz RT 6 5 0
RC Thielemann RG 8 3 1
Bill Fralic RG 8 4 2
Jeff Van Note C 18 5 0
Jamie Dukes C 8 0 0
Todd McClure C 9 0 0
Bob Whitfield LT 12 1 0
Mike Kenn LT 17 5 2