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Atlanta Falcons Ink LB Jamie Winborn

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Shoving this one through the prison bars from work, so it'll have to be short for now. The more intelligent among you may want to debate the dude's merits in the comments.

Basically, we signed Jamie Winborn to give Stephen Nicholas a run for his money. Unless Mike Peterson suddenly developed a bad case of having no legs whatsoever, it's the most likely scenario, and Winborn is a capable tackler. For one year, it gives us at worst a quality backup linebacker and at best a stopgap starter.

Let's be clear, though: tackling is about all Winborn has had to his name since arriving in the league back in 2001. He can play basically any of the three spots we need him to and is a very useful dude to have around, but Nicholas offers infinitely more big play potential. I hope Winborn ends up being a top backup and not a starter, but if he earns it, he earns it.

Leave your thoughts, gentle men and women.