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The Greatest Falcons WR set of All Time

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Per your votes, Andre Rison (possibly the first Falcon with his own action figure) is the greatest Falcons wide receiver of all time. Coming in a close second was Terrance Mathis. Following Mathis were Alfred Jenkins and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. 

With the WRs picked, we officially have an offense! Here's the rundown:

QB Bartkowski 10
HB Anderson 32
FB Christian 44
TE Crumpler 83
RT Kunz 75
RG Fralic 79
C Van Note 57
LG Thielemann 68
LT Kenn 78
WR Rison 80
WR Mathis 81
WR Jenkins 84
WR Johnson 81

As no one really paid attention to the WR voting post's instructions, I'll repeat them: nominate some great Falcons DLs! We're gonna have to fast track the rest of these votes. The season is gratefully only a few weeks away and we need to get a move on!