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Please Welcome tlozwarlock To The Falcoholic Staff!

Today, you are witnessing history at The Falcoholic.

This blog has been my baby since day one. When I started writing, I had one commenter and less than 100 readers per day. I've seen traffic go up and down drastically, I've seen Michael Vick convicted. Through it all, I've written every post, promoted every FanPost and FanShot and joined you all in the comments. It's been a unique joy to watch this place grow and to get to know all of you, and over these last three years I've felt blessed to be able to do so. Writing about my favorite football team has been a dream come true.

As grim as that may sound, I'm not leaving, so you can exhale that sigh of relief or curse under your breath. Between the demands of my day job, an urge to continue to bring new folks in and keep the site creative and fresh and the desire to spend a little more time working on my novel, I've decided it's time to add a new writer to the stable. It's a decision that has taken more than a little soul-searching and prodding to get to, but in the end it made too much sense not to do. Because I'm not likely to throttle down all that much, you'll probably be getting more frequent content than ever.

On this day, please give a warm welcome to tlozwarlock, who effective immediately will be writing a few certainly excellent pieces a week for The Falcoholic. After seeing his obvious writing skills, his in-depth FanPosts and the respect he gets from all corners of the community over the last year or so, tloz was my choice. You all know him from the crafting of t-shirts, training camp reports and a host of projects he's undertaken. I'm thrilled to have him on board.

It wasn't as easy as I make it sound given how much so many of you contribute here and generate great discussion, great FanPosts and some of the best in-jokes on the blogosphere. In the future, I may look to add more fresh voices to the roster, so I hope any of you who are interested will let me know. I hope all of you will keep commenting and write more FanPosts, as I'm always looking to get your work on the front page. I may preside over this blog, but in the end The Falcoholic is what it is because of you. Keep both tloz and I up to date on what you want to see and how we're doing, and we'll keep this train rolling along.

And apropos of nothing, go Falcons!