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The Greatest Atlanta Falcon Of All Time: The Nominations



This seems like a natural extension of the discussion we had the other day on favorite Falcons. Basically, I'd like everyone to nominate the Atlanta Falcon they think was the most talented or most successful during their careers.

You say you want some guidelines? Here's some easy ones!

  • Please don't nominate anyone who played like five or six seasons in Atlanta, as that's simply not enough. I absolutely loved Chris Miller, but he wasn't around long enough to be considered for something like this.
  • Please don't nominate anyone who is a personal favorite but clearly wasn't one of the best ever. We may want to expand this into individual positions--and let me know if that's the case--but no matter how much you want Chris Draft to win this thing, it ain't gonna happen.
  • Debate early and often, but be civil. This is the kind of discussion that deserves plenty of back-and-forth, but I don't want a flame war to start. We just had the carpets cleaned!