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News On The Wing, June 3 Edition

I never promised you a rose garden, but I sure as heck promised you a news roundup.

By popular demand, I'll attempt to establish a news roundup that can in some small way live up to the compiling J. Mike already does over at at the Official Site. Rather than have you click through the jump, we're going to do all of this right here on the front page. Daring? Yes. But I've always envisioned myself as a visionary.

  • You can tell how slow it is right now when this is the best list of possible additions the AJC can come up with. One guy is actually on the roster (Eric Weems), one guy is just going to another team (Lawyer Milloy) and two are young guys currently competing for roster spots (Aaron Kelly and Troy Bergeron). I guess that's responsible journalism, but I kind of prefer out-there choices to something this obvious. Blame it on the Falcohol, I guess.
  • According to this CBS Sports story, Harvey Dahl is a brutish ogre who feats on the kindness of other souls. I've long said that Dahl's nasty edge gives him a well...edge...but it tends to backfire when he gets so mad that he gets stupid penalties called on him. It's a double-edged sword, and hopefully he can still be nasty and learn to keep himself in a check a bit more in the year ahead.
  • Daniel Cox at Atlanta Falcons Examiner takes a look at Jerious Norwood, the man of many talents who should get a chance to display plenty of them in the year ahead. He's a scary weapon in so many ways, but I'd like to see Michael Turner get a few less carries, and doing so might mean taking Norwood out of the return game so as not to risk injury. If that happens, someone will have big shoes to fill on special teams, but I'd rather see Norwood get more snaps and help throw defense into disarray.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs fans mull over notorious foot-shooter Plaxico Burress, coming to the conclusion that he's a great fit for their team. While I definitely think Burress has made a string of dumb mistakes, his quality hands would make him a nice fit on a team that doesn't have a lot of top-end talent at receiver. Not sure where that legal issue is going to leave him, though.
  • Few Panthers have riled up the fanbase as much as Jake Delhomme. There are those who love him, those who think he stinks and those of us from around the NFC South who think the contract they gave him was criminally insane. He's just a Cajun enigma, that guy.
  • Saints fans are a bit excited about this Pierre Thomas kid. You won't find a bigger fan of Thomas outside New Orleans than Your Fearless Leader, but the fact that he's got a clear shot at a starting job is troubling because I really believe he's got a ton of talent. You can, uh, cut him now, guys. I'm sure he's no good.

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