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What Atlanta Falcon Milestone Will Come Next?

I'm sure you all missed me terribly while I was busy being monkish, but fear not. I have returned.

Today we'll be starting some discussion with a hypothetical, as we are wont to do. Last year the Falcons had one of the best seasons ever from a rookie quarterback, set a special teams return yardage record and just generally excelled on a level not seen since a decade ago. It was a terrific year to be a Falcons fan, but then again, you already knew that.

What I'd like to see discussed is what milestones might be set in the year ahead. If you don't think there'll be any, feel free to say so. If you feel that Matt Ryan will put up the best season of a Falcon QB ever, or that Michael Turner will come up with more than 2,000 yards, or that John Abraham will be the first human being ever to put up triple digit sacks in one season, then so be it. I'd just like to hear from you, gentle readers, so let's light this one on fire.

Go go go!