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Official Falcoholic WhereIs Results

I know, I know. I said a week or so. Well, I got excited and just couldn't wait to debut the fully interactive Falcoholic WhereIs results map, provided by DIY Map. I had started this project on my own in Flash and was working on it for months before someone told me that a fully customizable Flash stat map already existed. Color me surprised.

I found the age stats very interesting. We're a young bunch, for sure. I'm still amazed at how many of you live outside of the home state. Dave sets a good example, I guess. Stats after the jump.

Users in US: 61

International Users: 5

Mean Age (14 responses): 29 yrs

Median Age (tip of bell curve): 24 yrs

Mode Age (most frequent age): 24 yrs

% of users under 40: 80%

% of users over 40: 20%

% of total users outside of GA: 60.7%

Thanks to everyone who shared. I'll be working hard on all of this in the background. The map will get more complex and customized, I'll start including other countries, and I'll get some revamped graphs and charts ready for later WhereIs posts. If you're feeling under-represented, speak up! Leave your city, state, and age in a comment and I'll add you to the fray!