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Atlanta Falcon Position Battles: The Cornerbacks



Prediction time rears its ugly, boil-encrusted head once more. Alas, alack!

This time we're going to look at perhaps the most wide open position on the entire roster. Last time we did this little exercise, William "C4" Moore ran away with the strong safety crown. Because there's so many more options at cornerback, I imagine the vote is going to go a little differently. Basically, the top four vote getters are going to be our top four corners going into the season, with the top two being assumed as our starters. Make that vote count!

Remember, if possible, to explain your reasoning, especially if it's somebody like David Irons. Since I plan to abstain from voting like some sort of blogging monk, I'll go ahead and let you know that I'm predicting Chris Houston, Chevis Jackson, Brent Grimes and Von Hutchins, in that order.

Make your voice heard!