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The Greatest Atlanta Falcon of All Time is...



This guy! Who obviously knows it, holding up the number one like that. Dave must've traveled back in time and told him.

Yes, despite my vehement campaigning for Mr. Falcon, Jessie Tuggle wins Greatest Falcon by a huge 7% margin. Runner ups were Tommy Nobis and Steve Bartkowski in that order.

Switching gears, it's time to nominate some quaterbacks for...


Over the next few weeks, ending on the first Falcons gameday, we will be nominating and voting for who we think are the best players of all time from each position on the team. Since we're building a team here, we'll end up with a 53 man roster. This means that in some cases, more than one voted-for candidate will win. In that case, I'll take the top two (or three or four) from the poll results.

Now, delve deep into the past and pick your favorite Falcon QB of all time. Here are the guidelines:

  • Candidates must have spent at least five years as a Falcon
  • Matt Ryan is not eligible.