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A Glass Of Falcohol: Discussing The Tampa Bay Bucs

It's time to talk about a team we all love to hate. A team that makes me curse until the foundations of my modest home shake and my face contorts in rage. A team that we can all agree is more vile and base than the lowliest cockroach roaming through the sewers underneath Florida.

Yes, it's the Tampa Bay Bucs!

Despite the fact that I use a Jeff Garcia jersey to induce vomiting, I have to admit that I'm probably higher on the Bucs this year than everyone outside of Tampa Bay and the family of Raheem Morris. I think it's good young team that will probably get punched in the mouth a few times this year, but will do well enough to hang around the contenders for most of the season. Of course, that possibility makes me violently ill.

My best guess is that rookie Josh Freeman steals the starting job by Week 8, the Bucs go somewhere in the vicinity of 7-9 (not my original prediction, I know) and we all get on with our lives. The better question is what you, dear reader, think will happen this season for one of our most vicious rivals?