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The Jumping The Gun: Is Tony Gonzalez The Best Falcon Tight End Ever?

In our haste to find the newest and most exciting story, we're all a little guilty of jumping the gun. There have been countless examples for the Falcons over the years, ranging from the urge to crush or celebrate Matt Ryan before he ever took a snap to something as simple as declaring a game a must-win.

Asking if Tony Gonzalez will be the best tight end in Atlanta history, though? That's a pole vault over an assault rifle.

Before any Kansas City fans throw me into a slow-cooker and slather me with barbecue sauce, let me say that I acknowledge how great Tony Gonzalez is. He's one of the best of all time at his position, regardless of what happens in Atlanta over the next two to four seasons. That's not what we'll be discussing today.

Instead, we're going to look at the likelihood that Gonzalez will be The Greatest Falcon Tight End Of All Time when he hangs up his cleats or moves on to another team. To me, it's a question that has a miniscule chance of jinxing us and no chance of being answered now. Alge Crumpler and Jim Mitchell are probably two of the finest tight ends to wear the red-and-black, and Gonzalez will have to have some pretty amazing seasons to surpass them on a numbers basis. Sure, he can do it, but I'd rather not make any wagers until I've seen it on the field.

Just in case you're interested in this kind of thing, feel free to debate the merits of this argument. If you're less inclined, it might be fun to recall the Falcon tight ends of the past. If you're even less inclined than that, then just type "Meh" to indicate your apathy.