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Atlanta Falcons Sunday Minicamp Open Thread

Yesterday's camp brought us reports of a thankfully minor injury to rookie Peria Jerry, a brief fight between Harvey Dahl and Jamaal Anderson and more glowing reviews of everyone involved from everyone involved. That's what I like to hear!

I rarely feel my distance from Atlanta more acutely than I am this weekend, when some of The Falcoholic's finest are having a blast at minicamps while I run from one end of my tiny state to the other. I'd like to apologize for the relatively light coverage, but with life putting its boot squarely into my hindquarters at the moment and with so many of you close to the action, it seemed best to put the discussion in your hands. I do so again today with the hopes that there will be a few more of you around.

And heck, this is real live football practice with some of our newest and brightest. Where else are you going to see practice scrums and find out that South Central Los Angeles native Chris Owens is nicknamed "Peanut?"

Happy Sunday, everyone.