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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: The Greatest Remaining Need

Not even our beloved Atlanta Falcons are perfect.

Despite Thomas Dimitroff's grand adventure to the Land of Defense, this is a team that still has some holes. Not every player will pan out, and not every veteran will retain his usefulness in 2009. Even if the Falcons defy any reasonable expectations and blow the rest of the league away this season, there'll be that one position we didn't quite see maximum potential from. It's as inevitable as death and taxes.

My personal nomination is kick returner, where Thomas Brown is coming off an injury and Harry Douglas needs to become a bigger piece of the offense. I just don't know who is going to fill the position, and it's tough to tell if he's already on the roster or not. What I'd like to hear is where you think the Falcons still need help, even after the draft. It can be as vital as a starting cornerback or as seemingly mundane as the third string quarterback.

Go to it!