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The Falcoholic's 2009 NFL Draft Open Thread, Day Two

Welcome to the second day of what I like to call "the NFL Draft." A fancy name, I know, but there's no use in dressing down this extravaganza.

The first day and first two rounds pulled in two potential defensive starters, and that theme should continue today. In Comrade Dimitroff we trust, so try to keep your pitchforks dull and your torches to a dull glow, unless we pick up a quarterback in the third round. Then you can start yelling, and I'll probably join you. Personally, I'm hoping for a little help on the offensive line and then nothing but defensive picks. Probably won't work out perfectly that way.

Bad news, as I mentioned yesterday. Because of a couple of assignments, I'm not going to be able to follow along with you guys for most of the draft. I'll be back mid-afternoon, but if someone is willing to write up a short scouting report for each of our picks, they'll be promoted to the front page when I get back. I'll also live blog as much as humanly possible, but I'm afraid I can't make any promises.

Have fun, all. Here's a list of fellow SBNers who will be live blogging:

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