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A First Round Report On New Falcon DT Peria Jerry

Peria Jerry is going to generate some controversy.

A lot of us believed that a run-clogging defensive tackle had to be a priority, and in that light Jerry seems like a very strange pick. Like Babineaux, he's a penetrating defensive tackle who can be disruptive against the pass. He's likely even more athletic than Babineaux, and he may put up some surprising sack numbers as early as this year. If you're looking to address the defensive line needs, it's not a bad idea to do so with a guy who has some room to grow, is known to be a bright guy and a good teammate and can likely be coached on his weaknesses.

Jerry is a very solid pick who should upgrade our pass rush. He's battled injuries, true, and we'll have to address conditioning issues with him to make sure that doesn't continue to be a crippling problem. He can be coached against the run if he puts on 20 pounds, and so the injuries are really the only major concern I have. Clearly Dimitroff and Smith believe in his talent, and it's hard to argue that there were much better players hanging around at 24. I'm still surprised, but I'm willing to give Jerry the benefit of the doubt.

Your thoughts?