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Falcoholic Housekeeping And Fifth Round Mock Draft Nominations

Thanks to a crippling combination of spring weather, a three day weekend and a cough so powerful that I've infected half of the Eastern seaboard, things were pretty quiet this weekend on The Falcoholic. I'd like to apologize and use this post to catch up on a few things.

First of all, the live blog of the 2009 NFL Draft is fast approaching. I've set aside the entire day for the draft and may be joined by The Official Falcoholic Brother, who is an avid Green Bay Packers fan and will provide a different (read: less intelligent) perspective on the afternoon's happenings. For those of you who haven't joined us in the past, expect a combination of sarcasm, swearing and boundless optimism immediately followed by crushing pessism. It's like your high school reunion all over again!

I also wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to recommend the FanPosts, FanShots and comments of your fellow fans. This is a great way to call attention to a particularly brilliant or hilarious observation so others can be drawn to it, and it's a way of keeping FanPosts that deserve further discussion at the top of the list. To do this, all you have to do is click on a comment or FanPost and click the action tab, followed by "Rec." It's so easy even I can do it!

Finally, use this thread to nominate choices for the fifth round of The Falcoholic Mock Draft Spectacular. We've got two rounds to do before Saturday, so this whole process is on an accelerated pace. Please have your nominations in by Monday night at the latest.

Go to it!