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Join The Falcoholic For The 2009 NFL Draft Live Blog!

It's time for a public service announcement.

Those of you who have are already grizzled veterans of the site will remember that I've live blogged the last two years of the draft. Those of you who are pretty new can check them out and then laugh at my ridiculous opinions of Matt Ryan and the fact that last year's crop initially made me so angry that I swore repeatedly and foamed at the mouth. Not good times.

Thanks to the tranquilizer darts sticking out of my neck, you're all in for a kinder and gentler Dave the Falconer this year. Still, I'll be girding myself for the entire day Saturday and as much of the day Sunday as humanly possible, so I hope many of you will have the time to drop in and check out what's going on.

Before now and then, I'd like to hear any feedback you have regarding bells and whistles come draft day. Do you want scouting reports on the guys we end up drafting? Want me to try to predict each pick and look like a fool doing it? Want me to literally attach bells and whistles to my computer?

Let me know. The draft is one of my favorite times of the year, and I'd like to make it as enjoyable as possible for all of you.