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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Every Position Battle

Because you guys seem to want a discussion of substance--and when I say substance, I'm thinking of something like cement--I decided this would be a great time to unveil this particular talking point.

I want you to take every position on the roster where there's any question of ownership change and predict it. Doesn't matter if you think it'll be an incumbent like Curtis Lofton at middle linebacker, a relative newcomer like Thomas Brown winning the kick return job or a draft pick slotting in along the defensive line. Just run down the roster and pick either the ones you're most interested in or as many as you possibly can.

My hope is that this will get everyone thinking about what the roster could possibly looke like. We've discussed it piecemeal in the past, but taking a hard look at the roster as a whole--even if it's a rather unrealistic one--ought to give us a better gauge of where the Falcons will be next season.