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The Falcoholic Mock Draft Spectacular: Second Round

Where will the second round take us?

Once again, it was a heavily defensive set of nominations. A couple of you said tight end without specifying anyone, so I'm going to fill in the blanks with Jared Cook and Shawn Nelson. Some of your other picks are guys who may not be around or may be around longer than the second round, but you can rectify that situation or make it worse by voting for who you want. You have freedom, my friends. True freedom!

Keep in mind that the first pick was OLB Brian Cushing out of USC, which more or less sets the Falcons up with Mike Peterson, Curtis Lofton and Cushing starting. The team still needs a safety, a defensive tackle, an offensive tackle, a tight end and probably a cornerback. No pressure, though.

In the comments, feel free to debate the merits of your own choices and nominate players for the round ahead. Enjoy, everyone.