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Falcons Signing L.J. Smith By End Of Weekend?

A big hat tip to iloveroddywhite, who linked to this piece by Pat Yasinskas about L.J. Smith being a virtual lock to sign with the Falcons.

Smith has generated considerable debate around these parts, but if the price is right he'll be worth it as competition to start with Justin Peelle and any draft picks we potentially add. He can be a solid pass-catching tight end in this league and has had at least one quality season for the Eagles, but he fell out of favor and hasn't found success with a map in the last two years. Out of all the players we've signed this off-season--short list, I know--he's the likeliest to boom or bust. His simply being a middle-of-the-road player is probably the last likely outcome.

If he signs today, we'll update this with contract terms and further analysis on his role with the team. If not, feel free to discuss again what this move could mean to the team.