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The 2009 Falcoholic Mock Draft Spectacular


via (and reader Cerbera, who I haven't seen in way too long)


And so it begins.

This year due to popular demand (i.e., the majority of the four people who bothered to respond), we'll be doing a Falcon-only draft. That means we'll go through each and every round trying to select the most likely choice for the Atlanta Falcons, and then I will take each draft pick and analyze the living daylights out of it.

There will be no survivors.

Use the comments to put forth your best--and most likely--candidates for the first round. Feel free to second choices made before you, as well, and we'll get together a list we can vote on and discuss later in the week. The fate of this imaginary Falcons team is in your hands.

My submission is linebacker Clint Sintim out of Virginia. What's yours?