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Falcons A Possible Destination For Yeremiah Bell?

While we're rapping about potential free agents that the Falcons could pick up, let's go with an extremely unlikely choice: current Miami Dolphins SS Yeremiah Bell.

Chalk this one up as something that would solve one of our clear draft needs before the good Comrade ever pushes the rookie button. Bell is solid in coverage, tackles well and isn't ancient at 30 years old. It's not a great market for safeties and it'll be evenweaker if the Dolphins do what's expected of them and ink Bell to an extension, but he's a guy who has the skillset necessary to succeed at strong safety.

No offense to Lawyer Milloy, but the Falcons must upgrade at the position somehow this off-season. Milloy is still a good veteran presence and remains effective against the run, but his age is evident in coverage and he's not likely to suddenly improve. Bell would provide that upgrade without breaking the bank. I could still see the Falcons rolling the dice on somebody like William Moore in the draft, but I'm a huge fan of addressing needs with upside guys that come at a reasonable price out of free agency as well. Maybe Bell could provide that for us.

Thoughts on Yeremiah was a Bellfrog?