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Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Day Two: An Open Thread

By the time you read this, the New York Giants will have likely signed Michael Boley. The Baltimore Ravens will have Domonique Foxworth. The Atlanta Falcons will have...well, L.J. Smith and Jamaal Fudge. Yeehaw!

It was a far from inspiring first day, but let's keep cool for now and see where this goes. I famously and idiotically bashed Falcons management all last off-season and watched it blow up in my face this year, so that's not a mistake I intend to repeat. Skeptical? Sure. Filled with towering rage? Not so much.

Anyways, use this as your second day open thread. I expect we'll see Chauncey Davis either head elsewhere or re-sign today, but Keith Brooking is likely to kick around on the market a while longer. I also will make the bold prediction that the Falcons will pick up a free agent defensive player today.

At what position, you ask?

Hey, I'm not that bold. Go to town, guys.