Falcons to sign TE L.J. Smith

Thats a ton of abbreviations above, but what it means is the Falcons won't be going for a early round TE in the draft. The Falcons are set to sign former Eagle TE L.J. Smith. Terms of the deal aren't known yet, but no doubt the team fills a major void on the offensive side of the ball.

Myself not being a huge fan of his (pointing to mediocre numbers in a pass happy Iggle scheme) I will try and judge him by his work for us, not the Philly nation. Any opinions on this? I am kinda BLEH on it. Good, not great... was he a better option than Pope? Let it be know that we are working toward 2009 though! Make this team better TD.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please use this as your open discussion thread for all things free agency. Given the clear defensive needs, I think this was a reasonable move and it at least gives the Falcons two tight ends capable of catching a few passes. Let's see where our other guys end up.

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