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Lawer Milloy Is Taking A Midnight Train To Free Agency

I hope it's one heck of a sunset, Lawyer.

The Atlanta Journal-Consitution is reporting that the Falcons and Lawyer Milloy have decided to go their separate ways. Thomas Dimitroff is looking for a younger team, Milloy wants a starting job elsewhere and Dave the Falconer just wants a strong safety that isn't on the verge of becoming a liability in coverage. By all early indications, this is a deep draft for safeties, and one where the Falcons might be able to find a guy in the middle rounds who might be ready in a year or two.

Many of you will then wonder where we should go for a stopgap, especially if we take a true project at the position. We could either move Erik Coleman over to SS--not my favorite option, since he was quite good at FS last year--or we can move Thomas DeCoud over there and hope he's ready to start. DeCoud's a bright kid, and with a season of learning under his belt he may well be ready to assume ownership of the position.

There's also the option of going outside the organization and picking up a free agent. In my mind, the best choice would be current Ravens SS Jim Leonhard, who isn't an extremely high upside guy but plays well and would probably come reasonably cheap. I don't want to invest a ton of money in somebody when we clearly have nothing more than a short-term need at the position.

Beyond replacements, though, I'd like to thank Lawyer for a mostly good three years in Atlanta. I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere else, and I wish him luck.

Your thoughts?