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Are The Falcons Considering Cornerbacks Early In The Draft?

There's so many questions that this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article raises.

The first question is, what kind of article is this? It says at the beginning that our good Comrade Thomas Dimitroff is looking hard at cornerbacks and defensive ends, but that's never backed up by any direct observations or quotes from Dimitroff. It's just stated as a fact and we all get on with our lives. I'm not really sure what to make of that premise.

Let's assume for a second that D. Orlando Ledbetter is correct here, and Dimitroff is seriously considering cornerbacks and defensive ends, possibly in the second round and lower. This is an intelligent thing to do, because both of those areas are ones where the Falcons could improve, though they're not the needs I'd put on top of my list. Our need for a better pass rush is particularly acute, so propping up the front seven would help considerably.

I'm still a little bit confused about this purported need at cornerback, though. Given my complete conviction that Lawyer Milloy wants to get his Seahawk on and isn't nearly the coverage athlete he once was, I can see targetting safety pretty early. I'm good with that. When I look at our cornerbacking corps, I see an improving Chris Houston, an ultra-athletic Brent Grimes and future starter Chevis Jackson. I also see Domonique Foxworth returning, along with helpful nickel type Von Hutchins. I also see--and probably not for long--David Irons, who I still like quite a bit.

Dimitroff proved last year that I'm a mouth-breathing idiot for doubting his draft philosophy, so I can't even begin to criticize him. Unless he's not expecting to get Foxworth back or Houston is turning back into a zucchini at midnight on September 1, though, I guess I don't understand the rationale for looking at cornerback before the fifth or sixth round. Most of the most dire needs begin and end at the line of scrimmage for the Falcons, so I'm still hopeful we'll head there when the time comes.