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The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Your Super Bowl Champions



There will be elation in Pittsburgh this week.

Officially the Best NFL Franchise Ever with their six Super Bowl victories, the Steelers won a very sloppy and very tight game against the downright feisty Arizona Cardinals. The result wasn't what I wanted, but it was a supremely enjoyable Super Bowl and we should all give a congratulations to fans over at Behind The Steel Curtain.

I even got to watch most of it, despite an unsettled stomach and pounding headache that made me feel like James Harrison was pummeling me. I hope the silence in the Super Bowl open thread meant that you all were either kicking back a few cold ones or eating enough chili and chicken wings to be considered a living biohazard by those who love you.

So celebrate another year gone by and get ready for the 2009 season. If 2008 was any indication, we should be heading for a very fun one.