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News On The Wing: February 17 Edition

News is power!

With that in mind, I'm turning on my news-producing machine and cranking out this week's News on the Wing. As with our first post just last week, we'll try to hit a little bit of Falcons news, a little bit of NFC South news and perhaps a little general NFL news if we have time.


  • Our good friend Comrade Dimitroff discusses the combine. Fortunately for us, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to put too much stock in how fast a 350 pound lineman can run the 40 yard dash.
  • The Falcons have their first nibble on Michael Vick. The key is to reel in the 49ers and Mike Singletary slowly, so that he doesn't become alarmed and use his pants to make a motivational point.
  • Keith Brooking isn't ready to hang it up. I want one of Atlanta's greats to come back, but not at his current cap charge. I really hope we can work something out to keep Brook at home.
  • Jamaal Anderson has sharply divided a lot of fans. I believe he needs a third year to prove himself, but the results so far have been just north of Bustville. With the Falcons in need of a better pass rush, he'd better provide it, because being solid against the run isn't cutting it from a guy who we drafted to be a sack machine.
  • At least Anderson doesn't need a major attitude adjustment. Julius Peppers is going to get a lot of money from somebody, and they'd better hope he's not showing this 'tude when he ends up there. He wouldn't be the first guy to fade away after getting a nice contract.
  • Could the Saints draft USC quarterback Mark Sanchez as a project to take over for Drew Brees someday? I think I speak for all of us when I say please do it. You guys are only a rookie quarterback away! And think of the jokes we could make at your expense!
  • I see good things for the Bucs in the future, as they're already talking about cutting ties with Jeff Garcia. They're also said to be considering Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman, who is probably my favorite quarterback from the upcoming draft. Obviously I loathe the Bucs, but you have to give them credit for at least considering some smart decisions.
  • The Broncos cut ties with six players, including Bustville resident and selectman DeWayne Robertson. See anybody on this list you'd like the Falcons to take a look at?
  • The Seattle Seahawks could consider Georgia QB Matthew Stafford at #4, which would make sense because he'd have time to sit and learn the offense for a while. Field Gulls seems confident he'll fall to them. The complicating factor here is that Greg Knapp is coordinating the offense, and if he proved one thing during his time in Atlanta, it's that he couldn't coordinate the broad side of a barn. Good luck, Seahawks!
  • Finally, I'm brewing up a little mock draft action with some cohorts that should take place next month. Leave your input on what form you'd like to see The Falcoholic's mock draft take; right now, I'm leaning toward readers voting for each pick and going through the whole first round. Lemme know.