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There's No Trade Market For Michael Vick

Let's face it, gentlemen. Michael Vick is going to be released.

As noted by tom slick, who took a break from racing blimps to come inform us of the news, the Falcons are the Falcons are shopping Vick. The problem is that nobody is biting, with the Bucs and Lions among the teams who have already gone way out of their way to disavow any interest in the former Falcon quarterback. You may say to me, "Dave, put down your bottle. Those are only two teams." Guess what? Nobody's going to bite on this.

If you're a team that could use a dynamic playmaker, perhaps in the suddenly popular Wildcat formation, you may be tempted to make a play for Vick. Then again, if you're also aware that the Falcons are almost guaranteed to release him at some point in the future, you're not going to be stupid enough to give away decent draft picks for that guy. Our only hope is that the Raiders or the Redskins, who have two of the most trigger-happy owners in sports, decide it is worth it to throw some conditional picks at us.

I'd be very happy if we managed to get his contract off the books and actually get something in return, especially considering it wasn't that long ago that he was playing the torpedo to our battleship. It's not a fun problem to have, and I guess we have to hope that someone will want to roll the dice on a guy who mixes incredible potential with equally incredible off-the-field troubles. I'm pretty convinced the Falcons will release Vick before we ever get something for him, though.