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Falcons Sign Offensive Tackle Will Svitek

Guess we can Czech that free agent need off our list. Ha!

The Falcons picked up Will Svitek, a Stanford University graduate and Kansas City Chiefs draft pick who just so happens to have been born in another country. All these headlines are talking about him like he just flew his zeppelin over from Prague , when in reality he's just got the Czech background. It's kind of like calling me Norwegian journalist Dave the Falconer.

But I digress. The important thing here is that the Falcons are looking for a diamond in the rough, and it absolutely never hurts to look for guys you think might have some upside. There's not a real track record for Svitek, but with Weiner gone the Falcons have to start looking for his replacement right now. If we have 10 right tackles competing in OTAs, so be it.

Any thoughts on the Dispassionate Czech?